Welcome Home, Lumberjack.

Faith-centered housing for SFA students.

All utilities included | Free Internet | Free Laundry | No pets

You’ll love our 2-story turn-of-the-century home with updated kitchen, on-site free laundry, and spacious backyard, dedicated to offering affordable housing to female SFA students. We offer 3 available rooms, leased individually, each with different amenities and price points – plus, you’re welcome to find a roommate or sign your lease solo, making it easy to find an option that meets your needs and works for your budget!

The Location You Want

Our property is just across the street from campus, within easy walking distance of restaurants, entertainment, pharmacies, and groceries.

Faith Community

Living in our property is about more than a roof over your head. Chi Alpha students are always up for a good discussion about faith and the weightier things of life. Tenants will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus, but personal beliefs will always be respected.

Privacy & Community

Our rooms can be leased as private or shared units, so you can decide how much privacy you want!

Don't Wait... Apply Today!

Our rooms rent quickly, so we suggest you submit your free application as soon as possible.  We maintain a waiting list, as well, so even if all our rooms are currently leased, submitting your application will secure your spot on the waiting list!

Note:  Please remember that the rooms for rent at our property are reserved for female SFA students.  All ineligible applications will be discarded immediately.


Do I have to sign a one-year lease or are there other options?

Because we rent exclusively to students, we usually sign leases for Fall and Spring semesters simultaneously.  However, we are open to signing a lease for Fall or Spring individually in certain cases.  Summer leases can be for any length.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes!  A security deposit equal to one-month’s-rent is required on all leases, regardless of length.

What fees are due when I sign the lease?

First month’s rent plus security deposit are due at signing.

Will I owe a full month’s rent if I move in partway through the month?

No!  We will pro-rate your rent and you will only be charged for the days you are in the property.

On what basis are applicants reviewed and accepted?

Rental spaces in our property are reserved for female students at SFA.  We are not accepting either male or non-student tenants at this time.  Available spaces are made available to current tenants first, Chi Alpha members second, and then to non-members.

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